At least 1843 workers lost their lives in work-related murders in 2022

At least 1843 workers lost their lives in work-related murders in 2022

It has been more than twenty years since AKP came to power. During this period, neoliberal anti-labor policies were implemented with various discourses such as "Great Turkey", "New Turkey", "Domestic and National Economy". While the bosses of MÜSİAD, TÜSİAD, TİSK etc. were smiling, wages were eroded, the trade union movement and the labor movement in general were weakened, strikes were banned, cities were turned into profitable real estate areas, nature was plundered and thousands of workers could not return home from their workplaces...

Tuzla Shipyards, Davutpaşa/OSTİM, Soma, Torunlar, Ermenek, Covid, Silicosis, Asbestos, Bartın and many others... The result is obvious! During the ruling years of the AKP -which has turned precariousness into today's proletarian discipline of work&life- 30,546 workers lost their lives in work-related murders.

At least 1843 work murders in 2022!
Based on the information we gathered from the national press (in 68% of the cases) and from deceased workers' colleagues&families, occupational safety specialists, occupational physicians, unions and regional press (in 32% of the cases), we have determined that at least 1843 workers in total lost their lives in 2022 and at least 5 workers lost their lives in occupational murders per day. We say "at least" because seven of the ten deaths we identified were reported in the press and the remaining three of ten were reported to us. We are constantly updating our data, especially with information from physicians, co-workers of the deceased workers and local sources.

Work-related murders increased again this year in the May-September period, when "seasonal work increases" (mainly due to the increase in mobilization and production in the agricultural sector as the weather warms up). However, when we look at it in general, there is a partial increase in work murders this year in Turkey, which has been turned into a haven for cheap labor. A similar reality occurred during the State of Emergency period (2016-2018) and there was a proportional increase in work-related murders. This situation basically points to the deepening of precarious working conditions (forced production, unemployment pressure) and the gradual ineffectiveness of the union movement (inability to become a center of attraction in the workplace, loss of rights in the workplaces where it is organized) in the lines of business that constitute the core of traditional union centers.

Although the Social Security Institution (SGK) has included the deaths of self-employed workers in its statistics on occupational accidents in recent years, the sum they announced amounts to nothing than the numbers of fingers of two hands. However, we regularly record the deaths of working farmers and tradesmen in the statistics on work-related murders. Nevertheless, there is a partial decrease in these deaths this year compared to previous years, which we attribute to "the increase in farmers and tradesmen joining the army of wage earners".

Agriculture, construction, service and industry sectors
There are the sectors where work-related murders are concentrated (953 worker deaths). Construction, agriculture and transportation, where "precarious work" prevails. In these sectors, where long working hours, intensive work, uninsured work and all kinds of irregularities prevail, union organization is either non-existent or weak and clustered in certain professions.

In construction, falls from heights such as exterior scaffolding, roofs, elevator shafts, etc. account for more than half of the deaths, while the other two main causes are crushing and electric shocks.

On the other hand, the main causes of deaths are the use of inappropriate means of transportation -especially during the journey of seasonal agricultural workers to the regions where they work or to the fields-, worn-out tractors, inadequate shelter-resting-cleaning areas, tick bites, etc.

The third sector with the highest number of worker deaths is transportation. Intense work, mobbing, long working hours, unsuitable roads and vehicles, irregular nutrition and sleep, etc. invite work-related murders. While traffic accidents account for 75 percent of deaths, another important cause is heart attacks due to stressful working conditions.

This year, moto courier deaths stand out in our reports as a profession where deaths have increased due to these reasons. The clearest result in terms of worker health in the sector, which is gradually expanding with the pandemic and where the worker profile is mostly in their early 20s, is obvious: In 2022, at least 55 moto couriers lost their lives in occupational murders.

Another station for death is near the solid waste workers. There is an urgent need to intensify organizing activities in this sector, where uninsured, unhealthy conditions and child, migrant and elderly labor are intense, and where workers work indefinite hours for a pittance.

On the other hand, although the deaths in the industrial sectors are not in the top three, it is necessary to underline the fact that there are many different sectors of industry (mining, metal, energy, textile, chemistry, food, etc.). In fact, when we take the sum of these sectors, "the highest number of deaths by sector" occurs in industry. We observe that the consequences of de-unionization are especially evident and the deaths of young workers intensify.

Let us remind you lastly while mentioning the sectors of labor: On October 14, 2022, forty-two miners lost their lives in a firedamp explosion at the Amasra TIM of the Turkish Hard Coal Corporation in Amasra, Bartın due to the lack of occupational health and safety measures. A new one was added to the Karadon, Elbistan, Kozlu, Soma, Ermenek, Şırnak mine massacres.

Causes of death: Service accident, fall, crush, explosion, heart attack, suicide, violence, Covid-19
The number one cause of work-related murders is traffic and shuttle accidents. However, these deaths are seen as traffic accidents, not as work-related murders. But truck, shuttle, bus, minibus, taxi drivers and moto couriers work long hours and almost without rotation. Vehicles are not adequately maintained and old vehicles are used, there are problems with road lighting or arrangements, not to mention the pressure to meet deadlines, etc. The deaths of drivers are work-related murders, and many workers in shuttles lose their lives in work-related murders. Traffic accidents are also a public health problem as they cause the death and injury of many citizens.

Along with the proportional increase in work-related murders in the industrial sectors, there is a noticeable dispersal in the causes of death such as crushing, explosion, burning, electrocution, poisoning, etc. At this point, workplace murders –called industrial accidents–stand out in cities such as Istanbul, Kocaeli, Izmir, Manisa, Bursa, Ankara, Tekirdağ, Sakarya, Gaziantep, Samsun, and Konya.

There is a widespread violence wave against health and education workers at workplaces. Demands to improve working conditions and take necessary measures come to the forefront in the protests organized at this point. However, widespread violence is not limited to these two sectors, it is a common problem in different areas of the service sector (entertainment, municipality, transportation, office, private security, press, etc.).

Worker suicides due to economic crisis, mobbing and overwork continue. Especially the pressure on workers who cannot make a living because they cannot repay the debts they have borrowed from banks and loan sharks is an important reason for these suicides. Another important reason for suicides is the futurelessness of young workers and the unemployed in the grip of precarization.

Sudden workplace deaths such as heart attacks and cerebral hemorrhages (let's emphasize the inadequacy of first aid) due to over-intensive, overworked, unhealthy work, nutrition, housing and living conditions are also on the rise. These deaths are spreading from transportation, agriculture, office, education, municipality, etc. to all sectors and the average age is gradually decreasing.

As of March 2020, in our reports, we had stated that "Covid-19 is a working class disease." With the start of widespread vaccination as of July 2021, the disease continued to be a workers' health problem that narrowed down to older and retired workers within the working class and continued its widespread lethal nature in the first three months of 2022. Afterwards, post-Covid health problems began to appear for the working class.

Deaths of children, elderly, women and migrant workers
At least 64 child laborers lost their lives in 2022. The number of children aged 14 and under who died while working increased. Again, agriculture is at the center of the deaths, as it is every year, and there is an increase in the deaths of interns/apprentices, which are on the agenda with MESEM projects. It is necessary to quickly identify a path of struggle for child and young workers.

Child labor starts between the ages of 4 and 8. At this age, we come across the deaths of seasonal agricultural workers, shepherds or children selling handkerchiefs on the streets. However, there is an increase in the number of seasonal agricultural workers and children working on the streets after the age of 8. At the ages of 10-12, we see children working in textile and metal industries. From the age of 13-14 onwards, there are millions of child laborers working in agriculture, construction, industry and services. Between the ages of 18-29 (in industry, construction and services), we see a new class of workers who are concentrated in big cities, without a future and without security...

The deaths of older workers, which are also a result of the neoliberal policies that have prevailed for a long time, are now reported in the press every day. Workers in their 60’s and 70’s are losing their lives in construction, agriculture, collecting waste on the street, falling, being poisoned or in traffic accidents. Today, when the regulations on the new employee retirement law (EYT) are being implemented, we would like to underline the fact that we have recorded at least 527 deaths of workers aged 50 and over in 2022.

At least 108 women workers lost their lives in 2022. These women workers were employed in agriculture, education, trade, office, metal, transportation, health, accommodation and general works. In the Social Security Institution (SGK) work accident statistics, female worker deaths account for 2 percent of total deaths. However, with our limited means, we detect 3-4 times more female worker deaths. Since these deaths are mainly concentrated in agriculture (uninsured), they are not recorded. On the other hand, we also record many deaths of women workers through notifications. From these we can conclude that "the deaths of women workers are hidden and not reported in the press".

The number of migrant workers dying as a result of work-related murders is also increasing. This year 90 migrant workers lost their lives. Two thirds of these workers are from Syria and Afghanistan. This situation reveals the fact that migrant labor in Turkey is based on refugee status. In some of the deaths of migrant workers, we cannot even access their identity information. It is also important to remember that many migrant workers are unregistered and therefore their work murders are hidden.

Let's organize against work murders
Of the workers who died in work-related murders, 92 were unionized (42 of these workers lost their lives in the mine explosion in Amasra, Bartın). On the one hand, we can say that "being unionized prevents work-related murders" with the finding that 5 percent of all workers who die in work-related murders are unionized. On the other hand, when we consider the Amasra example, we should say "it is not enough to be unionized, it is also necessary to be organized". Work murders are prevented by worker organization and worker control; however, as it was in Soma, also in Amasra, being a member of a union and signing a collective agreement is not enough; this organization and supervision must be put into practice.

On the other hand, there may have been other unionized workers who died. However, it should be noted that we do not have the chance to provide clear information as their union membership is on paper, as these unions are not real organizations and many unions do not acknowledge and announce their deceased members. This is an issue that we have not been able to identify, also in terms of public employee/ civil servant unions.

Labor, ecology and public health struggle
As a result of the protests, the Sao Paulo aircraft carrier was abandoned to be brought to Aliağa. After the discussions on asbestos and hazardous chemicals, which started with the Sao Paulo aircraft carrier, and the truck accidents in Gaziantep and Mardin, it is once again evident that it is necessary to rethink the ties between the labor and ecology movements:

Disregard for the principles of worker health and occupational safety, impunity... The plunder of nature and the disregard of laws, court and supreme court decisions with the support of political power... Mining and production in a basin as soon as possible, completing a project, turning it into profit and fleeing from the scene of the incident... In the complete absence of public oversight, sometimes disregarding food safety (increasing mass worker poisonings), disregarding production/process safety (malfunctions, explosions, fires in production processes), disregarding worker health and occupational safety (increasing work-related murders and diseases that will explode in the near future), disregarding natural life (forest fires, increasing pollution in soil, air and water), disregarding urban and environmental planning (increasing traffic, pointless and poor quality road constructions and increasing traffic accidents)...



In 2022, the distribution of work-related murders by month is as follows: In January at least 120 workers lost their lives in work-related murders, in February at least 109 workers, in March at least 123 workers, in April at least 130 workers, in May at least 178 workers, in June at least 189 workers, in July at least 172 workers, in August at least 189 workers, in September at least 161 workers, in October at least 163 workers, in November at least 128 workers, and in December at least 181 workers.


When we look at the distribution of work-related murders by form of employment, we observe that 1600 of the people who died were employees (workers and civil servants), while 243 were self-employed (farmers and shopkeepers). In other words, 87% of the people who got killed consisted of employees, whereas 13% was self-employed.


In 2022, the distribution of work-related murders by professional sector is as follows:

Of the people who lost their lives 374 workers were in (road&building) construction; 359 were (173 farmers and 186 workers) in agriculture and forestry; 220 workers in transportation; 105 workers in mining; 101 workers in the metal industry; 99 workers were working in the sector of trade, office work, education and film; 97 workers in municipalities and general work; 95 workers in the hospitality industry; 61 workers in health and social work; 52 workers in the energy sector; 43 workers in the sector of shipping, docks, maritime business and harbour; 35 workers in the petro-chemical and rubber sector; 32 workers in textile and leather; 31 workers in the sector of defence and security; 22 workers in food and confectionary; 22 workers in wood and paper;16 workers in cement, earthworks and glass;7 workers in the sector of press and journalism; 5 workers in communication sector 3 workers in banking, finance and insurance; and. for 64 workers who lost their lives, we weren’t able to determine the sector they were working in.


In 2022, the distribution of work-related murders by cause of death is as follows:

422 workers lost their lives in a traffic accident, while being transported in a company bus or otherwise; 347 workers were crushed or got trapped under debris and died; 295 workers died due to falls from height; 201 workers died of a heart attack or brain haemorrhage; 97 workers died in an explosion or fire; 78 workers died of an electric shock; 77 workers died of intoxication or suffocation; 71 workers committed suicide; 68 workers fell victim to violence; 46 workers lost their lives due to Covid-19; 27 workers due to falling objects or struck by/against objects; 14 workers died as a result of cuts or losing limbs; and 100 workers lost their lives as the result of other causes.


The distribution of work-related murders by gender is as follows: In 2022, at least 108 female workers and 1735 male workers lost their lives.


The distribution of work-related murders by age is as follows:
27 child workers at or below the age of 14,
37 child/teen workers between the ages of 15-17,
390 workers between the ages of 18-29,
756 workers between the ages of 30-49,
428 workers between the ages of 50-64,
99 workers at and above the age of 65,
and 106 workers of unknown age lost their lives.


In 2021, at least 90 refugees/immigrants lost their lives. The countries they are from are:

39 Syrian workers; 20 Afghan workers; 8 workers from Turkmenistan; 5 workers each from Iran and Uzbekistan; 3 workers from Russia; 1 worker each from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, Serbia, Ukraine and Greece.


In 2022, 92 (4,99%) of the workers killed in work-related murders were union workers and 1751 (95,01%) were non-union.

The deceased union workers were employed in mining (44 workers), metal (16 workers), municipal business (10 workers), chemical industry (7 workers), energy (4 workers), healthcare (4 workers), transportation (2 workers), agriculture (1 worker), communication (1 worker), education (1 worker), shipyard (1 worker), and security sector (1 worker).


We determined that in 2022, work- related murders took place in 80 provinces across Turkey and in many foreign countries:

256 deaths took place in İstanbul; 87 deaths in İzmir; 64 deaths in Bursa; 59 deaths in Antalya; 57 deaths in Muğla; 55 deaths in Kocaeli; 53 deaths in Mersin; 51 deaths in Denizli; 50 deaths in Gaziantep; 49 deaths in Konya; 47 deaths in Bartın; 44 deaths in Ankara; 43 deaths in Samsun; 40 deaths in Manisa; 37 deaths in Kayseri; 36 deaths each in Aydın and Şanlıurfa; 34 deaths in Balıkesir; 33 deaths in Sakarya; 32 deaths in Adana; 27 deaths in Zonguldak; 26 deaths in Hatay; 22 deaths in Diyarbakır; 21 deaths in Kahramanmaraş; 20 deaths each in Çorum and Sivas; 19 deaths in each in Malatya and Trabzon; 18 deaths each in Çanakkale and Kütahya; 17 deaths each in Adıyaman, Kastamonu, and Ordu; 16 deaths each in Mardin and Tekirdağ; 15 deaths in Batman; 14 deaths each in Afyon, Bolu, and Düzce; 13 deaths in Şırnak; 12 deaths each in Erzurum, Rize and Yalova; 11 deaths in Uşak; 10 deaths each in Elazığ, Eskişehir, Siirt, and Van; 9 deaths in each in Ağrı, Aksaray, Bilecik, Burdur, and Karabük; 8 deaths each in Isparta, Karaman, Kırıkkale, and Tokat; 7 deaths each in Amasya, Çankırı, Giresun, Iğdır, and Osmaniye; 6 deaths each in Artvin, Edirne, Hakkari, Kırşehir, Kilis, Niğde, and Sinop; 5 deaths each in Kars and Kırklareli; 4 deaths in Nevşehir; 3 deaths each in Bingöl and Muş; 2 deaths each in Ardahan, Bayburt, Erzincan, Gümüşhane, and Yozgat; 1 death in Tunceli; and 45 deaths abroad (8 deaths in Iraq, 4 deaths each in South Korea, Northern Cyprus, and Serbia; 3 deaths in Russia; 2 deaths each in Israel and Egypt; 1 death each in Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czechia, China, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Macedonia, Malta, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Greece).

We respectfully commemorate 1843 workers who lost their lives in work-related murders in 2021, including thirty-eight workers whose names we could not find out, and namely
Mümin Günel, Dursun Çatak, Tugay Değirmenci, Zeynel Abidin İnal, Osman Sıvar, Şakir Adıyaman, Fatma Er, İbrahim Yıldırım, Hakkı Özkan, Ayşe İnkaya, Onur Budak, Hedayat Bakhtyari, Nail Avcı, Muharrem Bilir, Bahriye Kalender, Necdet Taşkın, Hüseyin Karacabay, Nedim Erarslan, İbrahim Acar, Mustafa Gıdı, Şaban Şeker, Hatice Gündoğdu, Hüsnü Kurt, Musa Düşkün, İdris Anlaş, Halil Abuş, İnan Ç., İsmail Meral, Hasan Hammuş, E.K., Şengül Kocaman, Savaş Korkmaz, Dursun Topuz, Kahraman Parlak, Mustafa Öztürk, Zeynel Abidin İnal, Mehmet Akpınar, Gülcan Eroğlu, Fikret Aşık, Ali Osman Akçın, Recep Ardıç, Ahmet İlgen, Emir Yusuf Abanuz, Hasan Yurddaş, Hasan Eymen Ergen, Bayram Sakmak, Ziyad İsa, Ziyouddin Amini, Mehmet Güngör, Halil Cıray, Şakir Baha, Aşkın Karadeniz, Mustafa Akarsu, Fidan Tunç, İsmail Bilgin, Güner Yaşar, Seyithan Cayhan, Ali Osman Çelebi, İbrahim Kayabaşı, Ali Güneş, Metin Türedi, Seyithan Cayhan, Kadir Ekiz, Semyan Kayar, Metin Yolcu, Sefer Öztürk, Hilmi Çakı, Ekrem Kaşıkcı, Saniye Zeyrek, Halil İbrahim Taşkın, Duran Kapan, Kenan Duman, Akif Abbak, Seli Salih, Özcan Demirel, Özcan Binay, Avni Yıldızbaş, Mehmet Boz, Ayhan Uğurlu, Lütfü Mert, Nuh Akçer, Muharrem Adıbelli, Erdem Eskici, Tamer Çağatay Kıla, Recep Sezgin, Ali Akpınar, Hüseyin Gökçe, Berzan K., Dursun Yanaşma, Yaşar Kaymakçı, Mehmet Sinan Yaygın, Aleksandr İakovlev, Alexey Volkov, Ünal İhtiyar, Mesut Günenç, Durmuş Alboğa, Mustafa Çelik, Kamil Ertuğrul, Yaşar Sarıcı, Zekeriya Yüce, Umut Durakçı, Mehmet Ali Koşar, Fatma Yetek, İsmail Kabak, Hulusi Ü., Yaşar Baydemir, İbrahim Loğçu, Mehmet Kara, Mehmet Kırlı, Mürsel Üstün, Yılmaz Dukan, Ramazan Saraç, Mehmet Yücel, Salih Çoban, Gizem Selda Çoban, Engin Kaygunsuz, İbrahim Karataş, İsa İşli, Ağci Çiçek, Eren Özkesemen, Alican Karahan, Hikmet Balcı, Vahdettin İnan, Murat Cirit, Arif Küçük, Arif Güngördü, Enes Turan, Sadi Turan, Osman Turan, Mustafa Avcı, Alime Avcı, Gülhan Yıldırım, Lütfi İmat, Menderes Karakuzu, Cahit Geçit, Mustafa Samet Pullu, Najmuddin Rahmanqul, Mohammad Sharif Azizi, Mustafa Kutlar, Ramazan Çekirge, Ercan Öksüz, İhsan Erkan, Zekiye Şeker, Tuncay Gümüş, Hasan Yılmaz, Ahmet Elderviş, Abdülkadir M., Nalin Uçkun, Mehmet Tunç, Hasan Turan, Gülsüm Sugötüren, Mustafa Yaman, Nuh Bakır, Abdülkadir Gül, Emre Bahri Orman, Erhan Uslusu, Can Hisa, Mehmet Karakuzu, Mehmet Şahin, Ümmehan Şağdıç, İrem Selçuk, Nurhan Beşbudak, Hüseyin Ziber, Hamza Dülükoğlu, Hidayet Yeşil, Hamit Kuru, Hatice Aydın, Mustafa Top, Muhsin Aksu, (Mahsum Aksoy), Hülya Cin, Mehmet Çevirel, Sefa Yıldız, Kazım Kalak, Mücahid İşge, Furkan Kalemli, Hasret Kuş, İsmail Konuk, Muhammet Ongun, M.E.H., Sakıp Başak, Şahin Ön, Naim Şahin, Turgut Özdemir, Cevdet Yüksel, Arif Gül, Ali Koparan, Abdullah Delikçi, Hasan Kalay, Feride Aydemir, Cevdet Kalay, Hasibe Bozkurt, Enes Belecik, Ramazan Ulu, Rabia Güngör, Eyüp Tüci, Ömer Tutal Rıdvan Kaya, Mehmet Efe, Mehmet Gündoğdu, Suat Kargı, Yusuf Yılmaz, Sezgin Yılmaz, Kadir Çetin, Dudu Gündüz, Süleyman Bozoklu, Anıl Altıntaş, Ayşegül Üzüm, Şeymanur Üzüm, Sami Eroğlu, Gülperi Tunç, Eda Tunç, Fatih İlhan, Kerem Bakançocukları, Günay Gür, Sadık Akbağ, Ahmet Yıldız, Durmuş Ali Ulaş, Ferzende Acu, Sefa Kadıoğlu, Ali Oğuz, Mustafa Erarslan, Rami Abdülkudüs, Fatma Küçük, Selahattin Öztürk, Miktad Yantur, İdris Akova, Celal Geyik, Kıymet Tozcu, Abdulbari Akarsu, Raif Bozkurt, Mehmet Maral, Musa Keskin, Nurettin Çil, Ahmet Ünal, Muhammed Koçyiğit, Nuray Özdemir, Şehrivani Canıvar, Ahmet Güler, Sefa Şahan, Hasan Kolatu, Bahri Çoban, Halil Karagöz, Fatih Çelik, Khal Murad Abdul Baqı, Ensar ., Gürsel Çektir, İrfan Adanalı, Abdulsamed Dağ, Remzi Polat, Hasan Yuva, Servet Arslan, Özdem Çeboğlu, İsmail Arat, Mustafa Ersal Eken, Uzay Ulvi, Hacı Merde, Selahattin Ayhan, Necati Kantık, Mehmet Dede, Türkan Demir, Bilal Ak, Kadir Nasiri, Kerametullah Muradi, Raziye Arslan, Şenay Çakıcı, Mohammad Akbar, Mehmet Bilgiç, Ceyhan Çetin, Arif Çağlar, Ahmet Özkırış, Ahmet Erdoğan, Eray Tatlı, Ekrem Uslu, Kaşif Tunç, Tahir 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Mehmet Köse, Muhammed Dağır, Zeynep Kırlı, Rysalat Orunova, Hüseyin Torun, Ümit Özdemir, Taner Polat, Metin Ablak, Bereket Yeşilgün, Solmaz Candemir, Şerife Altun, Aysen Negüzel, Recep Özel, Recep Dağlı, Hasan Eltürk, Hakan Harmanda, Sedat Deveci, Rozay Babakulyyeva, Fırat Köksal, Halil Kapan, Nurseven Baştürk, Mehmet Gül, Cengizhan Tetikişçi, Salih Demirkaya, Hıdır Avyüzen, Ali Şahin, Salih Şentürk, Ari Şen, Sinan Üçek, İsmail Kaya, Sinan Amil, Aydın Doğru, Yunus Akşit, Bülent Yenimol, Necip Uçar, Veysel Akyıl, Veysi Eken, Ziya Boy, Hamdi Güçer, Bekir A., Erdal Kapar, Cüneyt Kambur, Selami Hallaç, Gazi Mustafa Yaşar, Osman Çalışkan, Deniz B., Erdoğan Haci, Adem Ağarlı, Yaşar Toplar, Mehmet Gülcan, Uğur Satılmış, Mustafa Kurt, Hakan Meral, Yaşar Kaya, Sercan Kozma, Ferit Gözütok, Adem Şahin, Mehmet Ali Gönül, Mehmet Kaplan, Yusuf İzzettin Yiğit, Yusuf Emre Yakar, Gökay Bebek, Mustafa Güdücü, Emre Karakuş, Hüseyin Bozkurt, Ezgi Özarslan, Feyman ., İ.B., Mert Er, Cemal Demir, Tolga Kılıç, Aytaç Şan, Yusuf Eriş, Aylin Arslan, İlker Asru, Muhammet Varlı, Cemal Aksoy, Muhammed Demir, Ahmet Yanar, Yusuf Karataş, Köksal Özdemir, Tolga Çıkrıkçıoğlu, Yasin Sezgin, Şahin Sesli, Ramazan Çalışkan, Şaban İmanlı, Harun Yılmaz, Gürbüz Bozkurt, Ahmet Çetin Genç, Murat Özcan, Yalçın Çakar, Yusuf Kırtay, Murat Güçlü, Abdulgani Aykut, Halil Korkmaz, İbrahim Kaynar…

Translation: Barış Gönülşen

İşçi Sağlığı ve İş Güvenliği Meclisi